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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Saturday, 18 June 2016

A track from forthcoming album: The Balsham Tapes; That Is...

A rough mix of a track that'll be included on an album: The Balsham Tapes. A friend of mine and I created the album: The Blue Pebble; by Calactus and Gingoo in Balsham- the tracks inspired of that time in the cottage in Balsham, Cambs. 

The track is influenced by the opening sequence of:Aguirre, the Wrath of God film; Popul Vuh providng the soundtrack.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015



Moondog bark reinforced helmet visor asteroid crater Mr. Moon hit in the face Dark Side Of The Moon circa/circus 1973 multi’, Muay Thai kickboxing millions seller cellar pit trapped prosthetic limb from Alfie old friend of grandfather’s musty smell prehistoric trees compressed time aeon-like coal scent and then warmth burnt voice vek intro dash comma semicolon and unt others we are enslaved to technology Moondog aka Louie Hardin blind self made instruments fifty seventh street New York nineteen fifty three we built the pyramids [insert computer voice] zero one one one zero one zero one one zero one zero zero one way street grid pattern United States soulless San Frisco new boots this year blob Indian motorcycle B R exhaust fumes aqua place still to treat comic strewn josh jest Jehovah take on scripture please holy stop stop dent DOS enter per line here he is once more again pleased to meet you thank you for your time par five golf hole you are up human skin bag [back to human voice] I think that was a compliment speak same now darling [both voices together] oh E by heck what time is it inflection question mark puppetry falls to Punch and Judy go for hairy speak to me in in in pale real face turns up to the stopping feign truculent face oval creaminess green light no dot dot dot Pinteresque pause it tape rewind butt out memory then human only [human voice only] Harold Pinter was a renowned playwright who was a fan of Samuel Beckett an Irish avant-garde or modernist playwright is that right question mark your turn computer [back to computer] really sums added subtracted divided between ninety seven percent over or under cannot remember ha ha ha only joking or oar on boat works singularly going round and around in circles had enough Jeff [back to human voice] er dot dot dot dot that’s not my name that’s not my name that’s not my name that’s not my name spell check grammar check translate slash incorrect oh boy exclamation mark three four time musical Irish folk favourite Moondog’s favourite musical time equals fiver four personal fave of mine and seven four why not try five eight or six four or two four I cannot stress this enough note rock ‘n’ roll popular music follows four four beat the drum one two three four FORE exclamation mark watch out fellow golfers par three dot DAT colon digital audio tape nineteen ninety one oh boy did that die a death exclamation mark but who what when here comes the reel dash to dash reel quarter inch tape press record machine as heavy as hell and the size of a large satchel quotation marks spool says Pinter in a wheelchair coming to the end of his life in Krapp’s Last Tape written by Beckett semi colon a one man play about an elderly character listening to cryptic sections of his vast lifetime archive quarter inch tape now go back in time and record with a needle directly onto wax slash metal underneath device seventy eight revolutions per minute record slash vinyl wind up the gramophone horn shaped speaker save it now for the apocalypse sans electricity the end of civilization and surprise Jiminy Cricket surprise we are still fighting each other pause no a longer pause [insert computer voice] that is a great shock pause snark