Rough Ubahn album lyrics (some)


This talk of recession
Is boring me to the point
Of deep, dark, depression.
This crunch of times, oh my!
It’s another low (again!)
It’s all bad, it’s life, it’s lies!
Wanted to write a political ream,
Wanted to live a chattering class dream,
Wanted to be part of the crowd,
But a bog of silage was all I found.
The whispers ‘n’ clattering classes,
The wasted opportunities,
The docile overfed masses.
Would you like to meet? Would you like to meet?
Find in your h-area now? Find in your area how?
Would you like to meet? WLTM LOL hell LOL hell.
Who am I in it all?
‘Just a little man with a job to do.’ That’s all.
Who am I to say right or wrong?
Just a little/big man with no axe to grind,
Just a little/big man with no peace of mind.
A political wish, stand firm glorious,
A song to carrion, rally, call, crawled,
In a time, nay, illustrious,
In another world, this one stalled.
To ending where we are poor,
To failed political swan song sworn,
To this my feeble attempt,
To this manifesto unkempt.


Go easy,
It’s a show that’s free
Go easy,
For you and me,
Go easy,
It’s just your pal,
It’s a better life now.
Easy pieces,
Pounds ‘n’ pence,
Easy pieces,
No recompense.
Easy pieces,
Pounds ‘n’ pence,
Easy pieces,
Living legend friend.
Feel happy,
It’s all good,
Feel happy,
You know you should,
Feel happy,
It’s a great life,
Feel happy,
It’s gonna be nice.
Weep not
For I love thee,
Weep not
For we are all free,
Weep not
Because of peace and love,
Weep not,
Because of ‘im above.
Forget about it!
‘cause it’s all done.
Forget about it!
‘cause you’re my son.
Forget about it!
‘cause what am I here for?
Forget about it!
Just a knock on the door.


Dour words spoken in mobile conversation,
Small talk, cheap quotes, in an overcast nation.
Playing across this winter dreams ‘n’ fleeting lights,
I watch and listen to light TV images ‘n’ sound bites.
My love where have I gone?
My love I’ll be back soon,
My love~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My love I promise this to you.
Up late watching the IPCRESS FILES,
A distance far played out,
Up late and here I go again,
As iconic I watch Michael Caine.
Playing across this summer dreams ‘n’ fleeting lights,
I watch and listen to light TV ‘n’ MP sound bites.
Text abbreviated, (lost) in cell phone irritation,
Bleepin’, annoying tunes in media saturation.
Dreams ‘n’ promenade lights playing across Morecombe Bay,
I recall a trip with grandparents, I reflect on childhood days,
From a northern town dreams ‘n’ aspirations,
I write and badly sung sing in placating depression.
(I’m alright, you’re alright) REPEAT

Wine sunk, meal served, boxing match perverse,
Hip-hop grind, spoken word, gun battle game absurd,
Hillside fresh new ditch, Somerset white witch,
Mad loon 7 yr itch, Glastonbury mud pie pitch,
Tree pollarding cold, so cold, approaching time on Earth old,
Ebay transgression bought ‘n’ sold, space, time, spice, fold,
Thinking of you where gotten, thinking of your picture (soften),
Thinking of your scent blossomed, thinking of you (never forgotten),
Drifting in rhymes and reason, drifting throughout the seasons,
Drifting snow, car freezing, drifting home bound, welcoming,
Thinking of you where gotten, thinking of your picture (soften),
Thinking of your scent blossomed, thinking of you (never forgotten),
Thinking of you where gotten, thinking of your picture (soften),
Thinking of your scent blossomed, thinking of you (never forgotten).


Time sifts, time splits,
Where once we grasped
The fundamentals,
Where once we grasped
The thought gentle.
Where the hopeless embrace,
Breath slow, breath slow,
Hope enter.
Where once rudimentary
operatic noise chord swell,
As opened up a gift, tonal, bell.
In a dream jumpin’ from building to building with the greatest of ease,
Images, relationships passed through controlled, sedate, a lady friend half-naked,
But shifting into an epic poem/film, of interest nought sssong,
The sum of all parts bar none, bar none.
Time shifts, time lifts,
Where once we aghast at the sentimental,
And mental where the disturbed sing enlivened.
Breath slow, breath slow,
Judge not, hug fate friend,
Critique, calamity make soft,
Gather oneself, hold hope aloft.


Silent fall, leaf burnish gold,
Silence in all, silence in all.
Hush whisper, bare trees,
Such days as these, such days as these.
Haiku, cease, stop,
Poem, blip, drop.
Silent fall dark in moon lit night,
The perfect dog taking a flight
In carbon rocket through planets,
Animated werewolf extraordinaire, bite.
Section, seethe cymbal crash,
Duvet cover tsar design brash.
We sink down my love,
We wrapped in bed covers blown,
We slip to sleep love
We loved up ‘n’ dreamin’ love own.
Speak swiftly, snip neatly,
Shush slight; full moon night.


Spoken across the years,
It’s the sum of all our fears,
Berlin station rushes hot,
Underground automated German
All folk egalitarian.
Spiralling, tumble, twist, turn wheels,
It’s the sum of my darkest fears,
Berlin sun heat, bears leer,
Note in English begging, a story,
Another bar, my language sets me alone here.
Summation, war W2 gone,
Displays of time’s hard done,
Communists have now gone home,
But in Berlin concrete graffiti atones.
As a nation, all nations abide,
Political upheaval, recession slide,
East to West as 1 man said,
Hard livin’, city curt breath.
Popul vuh bought, history German sought,
Postcard well wished, loved ones duly missed,
Art Deco and Judah museums visited, plus engineering feats,
Reichstag, tour bus, bombed out cathedral, limpin’ along streets,
wall, Marx & Engels side by side, Ubahn travel map orientation,
Sights and sounds of Berlin, ornate underground, travelling fascination.


Rock chick, rock on,
Rock chick, turn- twist!
Holy, holy, holy,
What a show,
Holy, holy, holy,
Gotta rock and roll!
You sup, you duck,
You twist, you- ah- bliss.
You pop and pill up,
You rock, you don’t stop.
Rock chick, you so hip,
Rock chick, come on shout,
Rock chick, totally- you’s fit!
Rock chick, what a ‘bout it?
‘In the Holiest of Holy’s.’
Art thou the next trick?
Art thou but a rock chick?
Independent, solvent,
Creative, all spent,
Usage abuse,
Givin’ them the good news,
Radical, Espanola,
(you know you wanna)
(Cue- difficult guitar solo)
El ingratiate,
El tiff, distortion,
Hum- hummer amp’
Deliberate glitch,
Boy scratch that itch!
Go in prep’d
Or she’ll have your head.
Rock chick, rock chick. REPEAT
(Vox 2) I’m a slut for….
(Vox 3) Gotta work it!REPEAT
(Vox 4) Hey man, some bitch.
(Vox 5) Y’ reckon?


Release, tease, an’ if you can…please,
Release, breathe, an’ if you can…please.
After the dream has gone,
After the same sad song,
After all has been, of all that’ll come,
After all has been said and done.
‘Where were you when the lights when out?’
Doris Day connection, loose, turncoat it’s a rout!!
After we have said what’s to be said,
After we have gone up to bed,
After the witchin’ hour,
After I have become dour.
Sad acts and washed dirty faces,
Youth slippin’ and dumb-down wasted.
We all have a part, we all have a part,
After, after, after,
We all have a part to play,
In this play of youth, today.
Dream on, dream played out,
This ain’t nothin’ but a pysch’ rout.
Divided when black,
In spring to of bottom set,
Whilst awakened to the possibility,
Reanimated to inevitability.
7 days in a week stack,
4 seasons mc reason bet,
Whilst broken to the susceptibility,
Illustrated to red commutability.


As in a world,

As in a beat,
As in another life,
As in another world.
Where would we be?
In hot Mars desert;
Silver lined trapezium vehicle,
Silver, silver, silver, sliver shine.
As on a world arid,
As in dry heat,
As in another dimension,
As in another Earth.
‘We call it the planet of water.’

You and I are as one in this life,
You and I will love through the night,
Expendable it crossed my mind,
We all but victims of time.
Loving you isn’t easy,
Loving me would be great,
If it wasn’t for your pickle fixation,
And my bonkers medication.
You and I are what we are,
You and I will delve into the bizarre,
Transmutable my thoughts betray
The inexcusable downer I have today.
You and I are in love,
You and I are released,
From rom-com duff,
Inhibitions when pissed.
You and I will be together,
You and I will pass time,
Enjoying so forever,
Loving like Dali sublime.


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