A Porpoise Blows Bubbles Whilst a 1000 Shrimp Dance on the Wreckage of a Battleship

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Bubble 1
relax now love in sweet time, be drifting to sleep pillow talk, relax through sweet paces, in love lasting throughout sublime.

Bubble 2

to drift in sleep in calm sea dreams, whole body and spirit, mind united, pastures and seashore Galway, in the third eye (imagine) all seen.

Bubble 3

falling to love like a duvet fresh, simple loops that engulf us, music wavers in pitch and timbre, falling, falling, falling, falling love rest.

Bubble 4

speech softly murmured spoken, the cloud air filled sky warmth be, be ever present in a flight dream, hear my words soft and unbroken.

Bubble 5

piano delicate pitch ear drum, a thousand kisses part and impeach, gentle closure within a caress, to love light angled for you done.


galros said…
I love the lyrics darling - thank you xxxx xxxx

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