4 songs from Low Lumber album

Bath Road 

Shop stop, bebop drop,
Happy times, sad times,
Ok now I think,
Cigarette light brink.
House martins silenced
As buzzard (enters) flies,
Ok now I think,
Sunlight bright sink.

And all these sounds, 
and these smells, 
all round, all around, 
and all is well, all is well; sound.

Clean cars for a living,
Chip shop fire fat fry,
Cat catch- but not- as bird escaping.
Moggy/puss on window sill;
Napping cat, as bass car drone,
Teenage mother unloading
On cell/mobile phone.


And tripped up, paving slab move,
Quietness not, as A14 road feeder rumbles,
Litter escapes clutching wind hands,
School kids blazer, tie unknot, hang,
As swathes in traffic misses,
Awkwardness in teen-speak/speech.


The sirens whirr far away,
Sunshine on red Victorian brick; angles adjacent,
Complacent parking on double yellow lines,
Strange trilby –wearing artist fellow…
Backward kid, permantently cycling around,
Elvis; teddy boy regular, carer not found,
Whispers of Bath Road, to and fro,
Kung fu kids await to be picked up,
Proliferation of tawdy dog mess,
Bass notes found; 
headphones entreat Bath Road bound.

The Earl of Dalkieth

Walking into Kettering town,
Drink space Earl bound,
Where ages, generations meet,
To hub- hullabaloo alcohol and eat.
Pub show, dressed out,
Get it on and beauty flout,
Summer, winter, autumn, spring,
Lost lashes and clink glasses, chatter din.
The world awhile away,
Spending, upturn and downturn,
Cheap staircase, flag up, offer today,
Thoughts and pretty ladies in The Earl.
Walking home, homeward bound,
Lighter-headed but no frown,
Light dusk crisp up snow fell,
Another story to tell…


Southfield School bound,
8 years (despite), when free,
Looked after ladies, young people,
High teenage exuberance,
High vocal address; 1300,
Spoken, grey concreted columns,
Late 60s? Question mark over questioning,
For the bell tolls time like a ride cymbal struck,
And the bearer of no mind
Pays no attention,
‘can I have your attention?’
Attend, in the school corridors,
Where walked I, where teach/taught 
Lessons lain in the chipped resounding paintwork,
‘do some work,’
Still, quiet, out-of-term,
To begin again fresh lessons to learn.


Broken winter cloud,
Sweeps across Kettering town,
Swathes of snow filter down,
The wind howls litter around,
Sun bright begins to bake bricks,
Autumnal leaves, wet, sodden,
Rain rushes down drains,
Let lone bed down; night covers.


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