Deep Blue words from forthcoming electro' album

A limping lion padded along, back and forth, in his cage, awaiting lunch, 'what today? What today? A nice side of beef?'

A low booming, guttural, growl filled the zoo, the power of the predator's primeval warning to us all. Flashbulbs ticked in micro-time; cameras tormenting the poor beast.

I am in his shoes, peering through the bars that dissolve and terrified faces run agog, agog, cock, cog, clicked, escaping authorities as a street crew, we run, jump, base-jumping, getting something from hotels; cable car ride up normal suburban road.

Dream shift.
Location: in a very luxuriant, salubrious, hotel. Penthouse suite.

A partner from 22 years ago rekindled for dream purposes. My memory still sees her as 22, 23. Does she see me in the same way?

I have to tell her that I am getting married.

Crisis: she breaks down crying. I feel bad. We initiate sex but most of it is edited.

Resolution: empty hotel room. Cannot find her to stay in touch,


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